Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our Daily Battle

Whether we like to admit it or not, Satan is real and he is trying his hardest to deter us on our path to holiness regardless of what that path is. Demons are just as real as angels, and those that refuse their existence only increase the power that the Evil One has on our lives. Satan and demons are all around us constantly trying to deter Good from prevailing over evil. There is an immense spiritual war going on for our souls, and whether we are willing to admit to that fact or not, it rages on and affects our daily lives. Look at the world that we are living in today. Look at all the hate, all the corruption, all of the violence, and all of the confusion; we can’t just sit and deny the fact that there is an evil power that is enveloped our societies and world. By denying that there is in fact an evil that is looming over us we are completely shutting down our defenses against any kind of attack. 
The first step in defeating Satan and his associates is to recognize that they are very real, and are very much a danger not only to our humanly world and our humanly lives, but also that they are even more hugely dangerous to our souls and to our spiritual welfare. The first step that we all have to take is recognizing the evil that we are faced with and the very close second step is to turn whole-heartedly to God, Jesus our Savior, the Holy Spirit, and all the saints and angels for protection and safety. We must, more than ever, strive to form a good and strong conscience and stand up for the power of Good against the darkness that is shrouding the world. We need in our world today more than ever before strong men and women willing to pray religiously, love God and all His works, love their neighbors, and fight for the common good. 

We need people who are willing to stand up and speak out openly against the evil that we so often encounter, regardless of social consequence. Jesus didn’t ask for followers who were “politically correct” who didn’t want to speak out the good news for fear of offending people. Jesus came and called disciples who were willing to stand against the crowd even if it meant getting stoned in the streets. Christ Himself didn’t care about political correctness. He went out into the streets and He called people out. He held them accountable for their actions. Christ was willing to embrace anyone who was willing to take up their cross and follow Him. He wasn’t one to call out ONE PERSON and say that if they didn’t repent that they would go to Hell; but he wasn’t shy to let EVERYONE know that those who didn't make their choice to live out His and His Father’s commands they wouldn’t be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven. So lets go out and do what Christ has asked of us. Lets go out and make some disciples of Christ, but lets do so without being afraid to make enemies. Christ guaranteed to us all that people would hate us, He promised that we would be persecuted; but He made sure to remind us that He and the Holy Spirit will be next to us through it all and that it would all be worth it in the life to come. Brothers and Sisters be not afraid, be at peace, go and spread the good news of the Gospel.